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Welcome to our tribe of Beau-TEAL-fuls!

As an ethical beauty company, we handcraft organic skincare from 100% vegan USDA certified ingredients.

We enable a world free from chemicals in beauty, and subsequently preventing harm to our environment. We package in recycled and reusable PET plastic, reducing what goes back into the waterways.

We choose exclusivity over advertising because we never wanted to force our ethics on anyone. Plus we reduce our BCF (Beauty Carbon Footprint) by only selling online, limiting our contribution to eco-stress.

Our commitment to a sustainable, ethical beauty world means we choose abundant natural ingredients that won't tax the environment.

Since 2015 we've chosen to work with and support Hope for Hearts, Sick Kids, Mississauga News' Fight like a Girl, Canadian Tire Wellness Expo, and Story Book Farm Primate Sanctuary because each are making life on earth better.

Please join us in improving the wellness of the planet, one person at a time.