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We're so proud to unveil our secret to healthy, youthful skin.

In three words: Exfoliate, Moisturize and Restore.

Check out our infograph below to learn more.

Wake up to the Beauty of Coffee Oil

Java Jazz 8oz $49.99Coffee doesn't just wake up your mind. Coffee, when used to create an essential oil, contains so many benefits, we needed to make a graphic to display them all.Did you know that coffee oil can:Diminish the appearance of celluliteReduce pain and swelling from insect bites and stingsImprove blood circulation by dilating blood [...]

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How to get free body butter (Infographic)

We want everyone to feel the organic luxury of our skin care regime. Three steps: Exfoliate, Moisturize, Restore. If you care about healthy skin as seriously as we do, you're going to want to follow and share every product we create. And some of our biggest fans have helped us develop specific treatments.To show our [...]

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Nature's (not-so-secret) Spa Treatment - Mineral Mud Facts

As we stood peering back into the volcano out of which we’d just crawled, there was a sense of freedom, a feeling of clearing away one of life’s fears, refreshed and refocused. There outside Cartagena high above the river, we realized that what Iceland and Colombia have in common, and what left us with incredibly [...]

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From just one seed to success

The seed for Teal N Bronze was planted in Trinidad, where Nadia, Founder and Chief Invention Officer grew up. There was one abundant resource that her family used for cooking, lighting and best of all beauty. The oil extracted from coconuts went into EVERYTHING: Hair to provide shine and body oil to keep skin looking [...]

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