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Ordering & Shipping


All orders will be processed as quickly as possible. All products are handcrafted with love and patience. We will provide a confirmation email for all orders, as well as any delivery or shipping details. We want you to feel secure that we will deliver the best quality, as quickly as possible once you order.

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

We are so confident in our products and we only want the very best for you. If for ANY reason, you feel that Teal N Bronze has not lived up to your expectations, whether through scent, texture, or result, we will provide a full replacement, alternative, or refund.

Teal N Bronze was created to bring positive change and if our products fail to make that difference in your life, don't hold back. Let us know and we'll make it right. (Just please be nice about it)


We can ship to virtually any address in the world. However, there may be some restrictions on products with ingredients that cannot be shipped to international destinations due to heat. If it melts on your hand, it'll melt in the sun. Keep it cool!. When you place an order, we will do our best to find the most optimal way to get Teal N Bronze into your hands.

If you ever have any questions or need more information, you can email us HERE, or call 647-641-6699.