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Who, How, Why

In 2014, Teal N Bronze was founded by Nadia D. Rampersad out of a need to find an organic skincare solution with honest, simple ingredients.

Where it all began:

Although born in Toronto, Nadia was raised in Trinidad by her grandparents. Her fondest memories are of her grandfather preparing coconut oil for Diwali, the Hindu celebration of lights. Growing up, her family always used coconut oil as a moisturizer for skin and to strengthen hair, so using it along with essential oils in her beloved organic skincare line was a perfect fit.

Traveling between Canada and Trinidad meant that consistently finding the right products for skin would be challenging. So after years of research and development, Teal N Bronze's first product, Ascension Armour Body Butter was born.

Originally brought to market to combat dry skin in extreme Canadian winter weather, Teal N Bronze has expanded to include Exfoliants, Bath Salts, Room Sprays, and Massage Oils, among many other products currently in development in our Incubator.

Why we do what we do:

At Teal N Bronze, we believe in the natural healing powers that come from the harmony of earth and sea. For us, organic luxury skincare is just one element in a life well-lived, well-balanced, and well-loved. Our mission is to spread love and good energy, one jar of splendidly whipped body butter at a time. We want to make sure everyone practices self-love, because caring for others should also include taking care of yourself – body, mind, and soul. As part of this mission, we are also committed to buying organic ingredients produced in socially and environmentally responsible ways, so all communities can benefit. When you shop with us, trust that all our products are handcrafted to perfection with nothing but love in mind.

What makes it all different:

Nearly all oil-based moisturizers begin with the same basic elements: A carrier (or base) oil mixed with essential oils. Carrier oils provide the moisturization and healing properties, while essential oils provide specific medicinal and restorative components. Essential oils by themselves are too concentrated for topical application, so they must be diluted in a base oil.

Often skin care companies will suppliment a base oil with water, glycerin, alcohol, and various preservatives to lengthen shelf life. They then add small amounts of essential oils to scent their products.

Teal N Bronze uses four carrier oils in our original blend. There are no preservatives or additivies. The benefit of four carrier oils is that we maximize moisture with only organic ingredients.

Our extended body butter line uses the same original blend, and adds the richest essential oils, each used for a specific healing property: Lemon for skin healing, lavender for relaxation, and coffee for muscle toning.

No other body butter on the market can boast four carrier oils. And no other product can guarantee all the goodness that Teal N Bronze does.